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  Hisaaki Yamagishi    
  Attorney-at-law (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association)  
Born in August 1983 in Yokohama, Kanagawa
Graduated from Faculty of Law, Chuo University, Japan
2008 Graduated from The University of Tokyo School of Law(J.D.)
2009 Registered as attorney-at-law in Japan
Tokei Partners(Okazaki, Ohashi & Maeda at that time)
2013 Joined Murashita Law & Patent Office
  Major activities
2009 Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association Legal Research Institute Corporate Law Study Group
2010 Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association General Meeting of Shareholders Instruction Center
2013 Certificated Organization of Innovation Management for Medium Enterprise

Writing and literature

"Computer Kanrenhatsumei ni tsuite chusyoutekina idea ni atari mukoutoshita Genshinhanketsu wo ijishita CLS Jiken CAFC Daihoutei Hanketsu [Patent eligibility of computer related invention, CLS Bank Int'l v. Alice Corp.,_F.3d_(Fed.Cir.2013)]"NBL, Vol.1003(2013)

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