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Kenji Murakami Junichi Fukuda
Hisaaki Yamagishi Nozomu Kijima
Ryuta Yoneyama
Kenji Murashita
Qualifications Attorney-at-law (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association), Patent Attorney
Born in June 1954 in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Graduated from Faculty of Law, Chuo University, Japan
2015 Registered as attorney-at-law in Japan and joined the Yokochi-Yoshida-Nakagawa Law Firm
2015 Joined Murashita Law & Patent Office
2017 Registered as patent attorney in Japan
Major activities
1986 Advisor, Urban Environment Subcommittee, Environment Pollution Control Committee, Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA)
1988 Judicial System Researcher, JFBA
1992 Staff attorney, Research Office, JFBA
1998 Regulations Review Committee, Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association
2001 Attorney System Reform Task Force, JFBA
2002 Civil conciliation member, Tokyo District Court
2004 Councilor, Chuo University Alumni Association
2007 Advisor, Chuo University
2008 Councilor, Chuo University
Member of Copyright Research and Information Center (CRIC), Japan
Member of Japan Merchandising Rights Association
Member of Association of Copyright for Computer Software, Japan
Writing and literature
"Commentary on Japan’s Attorney Act" (Koubundou Publishers Inc.) edited by JFBA Research Office
"Research and Practices on Disciplinary Procedures" edited by JFBA Research Office
"Property Protection and Measures against Illicit Products" at Licensing Asia 2002 in November 2002 hosted by Nikkei Inc.
"Borderless Trademark Registration" at the meeting of Research Council for Management and Sale of Publications and Copyrights in March 2006
Oral presentation at the meeting of Commission on Legal Affairs, Subdivision on Copyright, Council for Cultural Affairs (an advisory boards established under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology of Japan) in July 2006
"Need for Trademark Registration and Strategy for Effective Trademark Application" at Licensing Asia 2006 in October 2006 hosted by Nikkei Inc.
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