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Copyrights and Publicity Rights
Drafting, negotiations, documentation, and other legal services for agreements relating to copyrights, including agreements concerning: granting the right to use original works, production of image works or materials, videogram production, licensing, web-based works or services, creation of computer software, and publication
Industrial Property Rights
Application for registration of trademarks, patents, utility model rights, design rights, and other industrial property rights; drafting, negotiation, and documentation of license agreements
Legal Services for Businesses
Establishment of a corporate body; preparation for shareholders meetings; consultation for operating the board of directors; securities transactions; preventive measures and countermeasures against shareholders’ representative actions and other disputes in relation to corporate management
International Transactions
Drafting, negotiation, and documentation for license agreements with foreign entities; elimination of illicit products in foreign countries
Real Property and Registration
Preventive measures and countermeasures against disputes involving rights to land or buildings or their registration
Debt Handling
Reconstruction of companies through special conciliation proceedings or civil rehabilitation proceedings; out-of-court settlement or liquidation of debts with creditors; bankruptcy proceedings, and the like
Legal Disputes in Daily Life
Construction work, debt collection, labor and employment, sale and purchase transactions, boundary or private road disputes
Consumer damage from financial instruments or derivative transactions
Defamation and other privacy issues
Traffic accidents; industrial accidents; product liability
Family Affairs
Breach of marriage promise; invalidation or annulment of marriage; divorce; dissolution of adoptive relation; surname change
Adult guardianship
Preparation and execution of wills; inheritance; division of estate; statutory reserved shares
Criminal Cases
Legal Advisory and Consultancy Services
Consulting on management of copyrights and industrial property rights and their licensing
Real property leasing, including rent management, renewal arrangement, building expansion or renovation, arrangement for transfer of leasehold rights, and coordination and negotiation with the neighborhood
Legal training for employees and other kinds of personnel management
Management of receivables and other corporate assets, and other legal services on a continuous basis
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